Writing an RFP

Get the RFP right and agencies will want to work with you

Many agencies receive a lot of RFPs every month so have developed strict criteria that they apply to RFPs in order to evaluate whether they represent an opportunity worth investing their teams time and resources in. A well written RFP will attract good agencies and allow them to create great proposals that meet your objectives. I can help you create an RFP that speaks agency language and avoids the mistakes many brands regularly make when creating these critical documents.

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Give agencies the support and info they need to succeed

Remember it is a two-way street, good agencies are also interviewing you and will use the RFP you send in their decision-making process.

20 years of experience

I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of RFPs, from the worst to some of the very best. I’ve also sat on both sides of the table, as the agency and the brand and know how to get the best results for your organisation.

Provide the right info

I’ll help you create an RFP that focuses on your objectives and has all the information that agency business development teams need to make a decision on whether or not you would represent a profitable client.

Tried and tested format 

I follow a tried and tested, objective focused, structured process but I create bespoke RFPs for every client I work with. The RFP reflects your culture and objectives and if required include your brand identity and messaging.

 Data and NDAs

If pertinent I will distribute NDAs to allow you to grant access to information resources such as web analytics or paid media accounts that will help the agencies write great proposals.

Identify the process

The process and timetable will be clearly identified in the supporting documents and every agency given enough time and support to create an excellent submission through scheduled feedback sessions and ongoing dialogue.

Transparent scoring

The RFPs I create include details of the criteria we will use to judge the final submissions and presentations. I will also schedule time with the agencies to provide feedback after the decision is made.