Setting up a pitch day

Give every agency the best possible chance

So now you have a shortlist, what next? In many processes, a presentation is required as it provides an opportunity to get important stakeholders together prior to decision making plus you can use the session to check the chemistry with the agencies on display. I will ensure the important decision-makers are in the room and a further session will be scheduled to discuss all the decision maker feedback.

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3 golden rules

The process I will follow will be discussed and agreed upon by you but it will follow my 3 golden rules of setting up a successful pitch day.


Working (not pitch) teams

Chemistry is everything. Do you want to keep talking after the meeting ends, are they genuinely interested in your organisation? Can you see yourself speaking to these people on an ongoing basis?


Important stakeholders

Stakeholders must be present on the pitch day. Attendance must be confirmed prior to the date and a decision-making meeting scheduled afterwards to compile feedback.


Transparent and fair 

I will support every agency in the lead up to pitch day in order to give them the best possible chance to win.

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