Liaising with agencies

Create an environment where agencies can excel

The RFP is written, it’s now time to reach out to a select group of agencies and begin the RFP process. My services focus on supporting the chosen agencies in this process, giving them the best possible chance of showing their skills and experience in a favourable (and accurate) light. I’ve been on their side of the table and I know how their business development teams work. If we provide agencies with the info and support they need then we allow them to create excellent proposals that meet your objectives.

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This is the most time-consuming part of the process if done well

Complete transparency with well written supporting documents and a structured support and feedback process gives you the best possible chance of receiving excellent proposals that will achieve your objectives.

Find agencies

I’ll find a group of agencies that meet your criteria and present them to you for your approval. I will ensure you have a comparison and I will include agencies I know will be capable but you may not have thought about them (wildcard). Once signed off I will distribute your RFP with the agenda to the agencies directly.

Answer questions

At the onset of the process, I will speak directly to each agency and the schedule 2 meetings for agencies to ask questions and one further meeting for feedback prior to the submission of their proposal. I will direct these meetings on your behalf and feedback any questions that need your support in one batch to you to save you time.

Transparency and feedback

The process we identify and agree upon at the start of the project will include information on the judging criteria that we will apply to proposals and any presentations. I will advise agencies regarding this process and feedback details of your decision with scoring information for their records.

Let me manage this for you

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