Choosing an agency

It’s all about asking the right questions

The digital agencies you have asked to pitch for your work will usually offer you a confusing array of solutions and associated charges. The decision-making process can, therefore, be a confusing one without an understanding of how an agency business development team works. I have worked in agency business development teams and can provide you with invaluable advice to help identify an agency partner who will fit into your culture and achieve your objective(s).

Use my experience

I’ve sat on both sides of the table on pitch day and will be your trusted adviser helping you to ‘read between the lines’ and identify excellence in response and presentation.

Stakeholder buy-in

We will discuss the scoring once it is completed in a decision-making forum attended by the important stakeholders, this will be an opportunity to also discuss any chemistry issues or insights.

Scoring criteria

Our agreed scoring criteria will help the decision-making process. I will provide consultation on this criteria and produce easy to use recording forms for use on the day

Follow the process

The hard work is mostly done now, the process we have followed up to this point will have provided all the information we need to identify the most suitable candidate.

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