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Need to find a great digital agency?

The pressure for brands to find great digital agencies that deliver highly successful campaigns has never been greater. I have created a service to help brands navigate through the crowded agency landscape and find agencies that are perfect for their needs.

I have been on both sides of literally hundreds of agency selection processes and can provide a cost-effective and highly successful agency selection process for you..

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I will support you in making the right decision when securing a relationship with a digital agency that fits your working culture and meets your commercial objectives. My services are created to meet your requirements and typically will involve one or more of the below services.

Writing an RFP

I’ll work with you to truly understand what it is you are trying to achieve then create a bespoke RFP document designed to meet your objectives and gain the best possible responses from agencies.

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Liaising with agencies

I will distribute your RFP to relevant agencies and brief their business development teams. I will save you time by administering the whole process and work on your behalf to answer all the agencies’ questions.

More info on liaising with agencies

Setting up a pitch day

I will create a pitch day that gives all the participants the best possible environment to present their offering and you the chance to analyse their presentations against carefully identified criteria.

More info on setting up a pitch day

Choosing an agency

It can be difficult choosing an agency, they will often present vastly different solutions and processes. I will provide a framework to analyse their responses and consultation during the decision making process.

More info on choosing an agency

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