Agency management

Optimise your agency

Companies who know how to manage agency relationships well are in a great position to improve their marketing ROI. Many brands now partner with multiple agencies and managing a broad set of agency relationships comes with its own significant challenges; agencies often need to collaborate, require support and their progress monitored with appropriate feedback offered in a timely fashion. In paid media questions about transparency, ad serving, ad blocking software, relevance and even fraud have also created mistrust in the marketplace.

I know how agencies like to work and can help you optimise your agency relationship so your chosen agency achieves a consistently high standard of work.

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Are you a great client?

I’ll help you analyse your internal capabilities to support an agency in strategy formation, creative development, and managing and reporting on spend and outcomes.

Setting clear objectives

This goes without saying, but setting clear and realistic regular objectives for your agency helps to foster an environment of continual improvements. I can help you look at how you measure and incentivise your agency on the metrics that matter to you.

Regular dialogue

Ongoing regular dialogue with your agency that goes well beyond the stale and often ‘to-late’ quarterly business reviews. Ongoing dialogue allows you and your agency to be constantly proactive and to test, refine, and optimise performance.

Provide time and space

Being a great client also means giving your agency partners the time and space to do their best work. In addition, these advances are maximised if your organisation has the time and resources available to take advantage of them.